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Rocket Page

Looking backward at rocketry...

History of Rocketry

The idea for rockets started during WWI. They were used to hit military bases and kill civilians. When estes industries was formed in the 1950's, a whole new idea was brought up. Model Rockets were sold commercially for fun and entertainment. Many rockets were anmed and looked like historical figures, such as the Redstone model Rocket. Many new, high tech rockets have recently been stocked in the market.

My Background

I got interested in space and rockets at a young age. It always intrigued me, the thought of a rocket with a million tone of fuel lifting off. I began model rocketry with the prebuilt kits. I ended up with three prebuilt rockets, one being a camera rocket. I built 4 other rockets from kits, the alph, viking lander, delphi, and apollo 1.