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Rocket Page
Instructions Page

On this page, I'll include one or more sets of instructions that may help others get involved in or become more proficient at my hobby.

Tools and Materials

1.) rocket engines(comes with plug, igniter, and flame retardent paper).

2.) launch pad

3.) launcher

4.) rocket (with parachute, streamer, or tumble recovery system)


If under age 14, rocket should be used with adult supervision.

I'll try to explain the steps of a safe rocket launch and recovery, in the following procedure:

How to launch and recover a rocket

Step 1: Set up launch pad and insert the engine into the rocket.

Jack of a car; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Step 2: On the opposite side of the rocket, take off the nose cone and insert the flame retardent paper. Push it down as far as you can.

Step 3: Insert the ignitor into the down facing part of the engine and insert the plug. Make sure the two wires of the ignitor don't touch.

Step 4: Attatch the two clips to each wire from the ignitor. Back away from the rocket.

Step 5: Have a friend insert the safety key in the launcher and begin the countdown. When the countdown ends, push down on the launch button.